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As always we still offer you great educational products! Be sure to look over the new JAX Games we now have for you. Our software selections change, also. So keep up to date, check back often. Now we have a new page that I'm sure will be enjoyed. This is our Reading Room. The children have read books and will give you an idea about what the books are about and whether or not they liked the book. From our youngest to the teenagers, they'll be giving you book reports.

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Do you school at home? Are you looking for an alternative to public or private school? Do you homeschool high school or junior high students? Do you need supplemental resources to enhance your child’s educational needs? Are you planning to homeschool in the future?
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We have some of the best homeschool curriculum and homeschool resources there are to be found. Being a homeschool family ourselves we want to share our homeschool experiences with others that homeschool. On Homeschool Living, we support your homeschool curriculum and homeschool resources needs. On Homeschool Living you will find educational ideas, products, homeschool curriculum and homeschool resources to make your homeschool day’s fun and rewarding, as well as educational! You will find material to homeschool high school or junior high students. Please browse our Internet site.
Some Homeschool Curriculum We Offer
JAX games teach skills through the use of manipulative objects and good old-fashioned fun, which is what homeschool education should be!! These games are appropriate for Pre-school through Adult. Key Curriculum Press has excellent homeschool resources for your homeschool high school or junior high students who are working with Algebra and Geometry. These are resources that use manipulatives, also, to help your children understand the concepts. Homeschool Living has had the wonderful opportunity to add New Leaf Publishing/MasterBooks to our list of educational products. Be sure to check out the inspirational books!


Educational Software, also
Don’t forget to check out the excellent computer software programs we carry. I’m sure you’ve heard of the wonderful company names such as Learning Company or Edmark. Lots of these are ones our children have tried and love working on!


M'Shoogy's in Savannah, Missouri

We are very involved in our 4-H club, Farley Jolly Workers, in Farley, Missouri. Our children are doing an individual service project for the well-being of homeless animals, this is their second year doing this. They are collecting and donating pet food for M'Shoogy's Emergency Animal Rescue Center, in Savannah, Missouri.
Shelby will tell you about this project and how you can help.

"My name is Shelby and we're collecting cat and dog food for M’Shoogy’s Emergency Animal Rescue Center, in Savannah, Missouri. I am doing this not only because I love animals, but as an individual community service project for 4-H. I am a member of the Farley Jolly Workers 4-H club in Farley, Missouri.

This is how I learned about M’Shoogy’s Emergency Animal Rescue Center. We needed to get our cats fixed and were looking for a low cost service, but not one where they would put the cat to sleep if it had feline leukemia. I had experienced that and did not want it to happen again. A friend of ours told us about M’Shoogy’s Emergency Animal Rescue Center - Angel’s Vet Express, because she had just learned about it after watching a news story about it. We went to their website, and then called and made an appointment to get our cats fixed at Angel’s Vet Express. After getting our cats home, we would visit their website,, and look at all the animals that needed good homes. Then after a few weeks and talking about it, we went and got Pete. He's been a very special addition to our family!

M’Shoogy’s Emergency Animal Rescue Center is a no kill animal shelter in Savannah, Missouri. Savannah, Missouri is very near St. Joseph, Missouri. M’Shoogy’s takes in animal that are homeless. They don’t have any room for any more homeless animals! They do try, however, never to turn an animal away. When we were there, they had even taken in some horses that needed a home. They also take wild animals that have been injured, until they are better. This is a wonderful place and they are doing wonderful things! They need donations and volunteers to help keep the shelter open. I hope that individuals and stores will help me and M’Shoogy’s Emergency Animal Rescue Center by giving cat and dog food. Cash donations to M’Shoogy’s Emergency Animal Rescue Center are also welcome. I will give the contact information below. They are also needing volunteers to help take care of the animals, like feeding and watering them and giving them attention. I’m sure they would be glad to have all people help. If you love animals like I do, please help in any way you can.

For more information about M’Shoogy’s Emergency Animal Rescue Center, visit their website,, or call 1-866-429-2388. You can also email them at

Contact me at to donate dog and cat food."

Be sure to check out our new pages and read the book reports the children have put on The Reading Room page. While you are visiting our site, be sure to check out the latest page that we’ve added. This is the Used
page. We are working on it between teaching and all the other activities, such as church, 4-H, and just the everyday work around the house.

Free List of Field Trips in the Area of your Choice
How often have you wished you had an idea of places to visit in a certain area, but didn’t have time to do the research? Let us help you by doing the gathering of information for you. Go to our Information Page and let us know the area you would like field trip information about, along with your email address in the comments box. We will do the research for you and send a list of fun and interesting places to go, along with a short summary about each. Don't forget to browse our Information Page and read about terrific field trips in Nebraska, Weston, Missouri, and Ft. Leavenworth , Kansas . Be checking back for other great field trip information when visiting Iowa . That was a terrific time, but that’s for a later date!
This summer we took a short drive across the Missouri River to
Ft. Leavenworth , Kansas . After going through the security gate at the fort's entrance, we had a wonderful time reading about the history of the fort. We also had the opportunity to visit the museum. Read about our field trip on our Information Page.

Our New Project Page

Have you noticed something new? We now have a Projects Page. This seemed like the next step in helping our visitors find what they need. Since we are in 4-H, this is what we are centering our projects around. County Fair will be here shortly and you’ll want to have your projects ready. However, you don’t need to be in 4-H to find great ideas and projects here at our Project Page. We will be having projects for beginner sewing students; we will also concentrate on craft projects and simple woodworking projects. As a way of introducing you to our Project Page we are offering a Free Calendar Project. This is a really wonderful project and can be used with about any age level. All you need to do is request it! Fill out your email in the space provided below, and then asked for your copy of our Free Calendar Project! Now that you have requested your copy, visit our Project Page and be sure to tell others!







  JAX Games - Doodle Dice
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  JAX Games - How Tall Am I?
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  Key Curriculum Press - The Math Explorer - Games and Activities for Middle School Youth Groups
Item No. KEY-0003

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